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Current Issue             Journal of Biomedical Research--2018, 32(2)
Legal protection of the rights of clinical trial subjects in China
Yuanpeng Ren,Xinrui Jin,Shan Jiang,Baisheng Jiang

J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):77-80.   doi:10.7555/JBR.32.20170073
Re-evaluating the role of epithelial-mesenchymal-transition in cancer progression
Andrew Sulaiman,Zemin Yao,Lisheng Wang
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and mesenchymal-epithelial transition (MET) are essential for embryonic development and also important in cancer progression. In a conventional model, epithelial-like cancer cells transit to mesenchymal-like tumor cells with great motility via EMT transcriptio...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):81-90.   doi:10.7555/JBR.31.20160124
Multifunctional quantum dots and liposome complexes in drug delivery
Qi Wang,Yimin Chao
Incorporating both diagnostic and therapeutic functions into a single nanoscale system is an effective modern drug delivery strategy. Combining liposomes with semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) has great potential to achieve such dual functions, referred to in this review as a liposomal QD hybrid syst...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):91-106.   doi:10.7555/JBR.31.20160146
Evaluation of cardiolipin nanodisks as lipid replacement therapy for Barth syndrome
Nikita Ikon,Fong-Fu Hsu,Jennifer Shearer,Trudy M. Forte,Robert O. Ryan
Barth syndrome (BTHS) is a mitochondrial disorder characterized by cardiomyopathy and skeletal muscle weakness. Disease results from mutations in the tafazzin (TAZ) gene, encoding a phospholipid transacylase. Defective tafazzin activity results in an aberrant cardiolipin (CL) profile. The feasibilit...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):107-112.   doi:10.7555/JBR.32.20170094
Pathological significance and regulatory mechanism of lymphotoxin β receptor overexpression in T cells of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
Cheng Yin,Xubing Cai,Huijuan Wang,Bingjie Gu,Xiaofan Yang,Rong Zhang,Xiaohui Ji
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a typical autoimmune disease. Lymphotoxin β receptor (LTβR) signaling plays an important role in autoimmune inflammations. LTβR-Ig fusion protein, LTβR blocking agent, has been used to treat SLE, while its mechanism remains to be fully elucidated. In this study,...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):113-122.   doi:10.7555/JBR.27.20130046
A novel entry point for pedicle screw placement in the thoracic spine
Zhifeng Sun,Kaixiang Yang,Hongtao Chen,Tao Sui,Lei Yang,Dawei Ge,Jian Tang,Xiaojian Cao
This study was aimed to introduce a novel entry point for pedicle screw fixation in the thoracic spine and compare it with the traditional entry point. A novel entry point was found with the aim of improving accuracy, safety and stability of pedicle screw technique based on anatomical structures of ...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):123-129.   doi:10.7555/JBR.31.20160037
Effects of leptin on femoral fracture in rats
Lei Wang,Sixin Sun,Lei Yang,Chun Lu,Xiaojian Cao
In this study, our objective was to evaluate effects of leptin on fracture healing in rats. Seventy two male SpragueDawley (SD) rats were randomized into 3 groups. Standardized femoral fractures were created in all the rats. Group A was treated with 1 mL normal saline (NS), group B with 0.3 μg/kg le...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):130-135.   doi:10.7555/JBR.31.20160077
Microglia activation mediated by toll-like receptor-4 impairs brain white matter tracts in rats
Xinglong Yang,Jingdong Zhang,Lian Duan,Huangui Xiong,Yanping Jiang,Houcheng Liang
Microglia activation and white matter injury coexist after repeated episodes of mild brain trauma and ischemic stroke. Axon degeneration and demyelination can activate microglia; however, it is unclear whether early microglia activation can impair the function of white matter tracts and lead to inju...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):136-144.   doi:10.7555/JBR.32.20170033
Distinctive roles of Rac1 and Rab29 in LRRK2 mediated membrane trafficking and neurite outgrowth
Min Feng,Xin Hu,Na Li,Fan Hu,Fei Chang,Hongfei Xu,Yongjian Liu
Parkinson's disease (PD) associated leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) mutants have shown pathogenic effects on a variety of subcellular processes. Two small GTPases Rac1 and Rab29 have been indicated as possible downstream effectors participating in LRRK2 signaling but their detail mechanisms rem...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):145-156.   doi:10.7555/JBR.31.20170039
Urinary tract infection due to Fusarium oxysporum in an immunocompetent patient with chronic kidney disease
Seema Khetan,Prakash Khetan,Venkatesh Katkar, Minal Kusulkar
Infections due to Fusarium species are collectively referred to as fusariosis. Fusarium oxysporum has been reported to cause keratitis, onychomycosis, skin infections, catheter associated fungemia and has not been described as a cause of urinary tract infection. Here, we present the first case of fu...more>>
J Biomed Res 2018;32(2):157-160.   doi:10.7555/JBR.32.20160128
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